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Author: Kelly Wooley

Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design in North Tonawanda, NY

Homeowners in North Tonawanda, NY nurtured a vision of eliminating the wall dividing their kitchen and dining room, aspiring to craft an expansive, contemporary farmhouse kitchen. With Kitchen Advantage, renowned for its expertise and innovative approach, they discovered the perfect partner to bring their modern farmhouse kitchen dreams to vibrant life.

Kitchen Design Project Details

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: North Tonawanda, NY (Niagara County)
  • Client Goal(s) for Project: Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create an open kitchen with an angled peninsula for seating.
  • Designer: Lauren Orange
  • Kitchen Style: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen (remodel)
  • Specific Challenges: Find a place for countertop seating in a space that does not have enough room for an island.
  • Solution: An angled island allowed for seating without closing in the kitchen.
  • Cabinet Details: Maple, Framed construction, Flat Panel door style, Laminate finish
  • Storage Solutions: Deep Drawer Organizers, Pull-Out Trash Bins
  • Countertop Details: Quartz material, Calacatta Laza White color, Eased (straight) edge treatment
  • Products UsedAristokraft Brellin WhiteMSI Calacatta Laza White Quartz

The Modern Farmhouse Style: Merging Tradition and Modern Design

The modern farmhouse aesthetic was the key influence in this project. This style is an eclectic mix of modern and rustic, blending the charm of a traditional farmhouse kitchen with contemporary conveniences. To give the kitchen a modern farmhouse look, we used a combination of rustic wood, metal accents, and bright white cabinets.

Solution-Oriented Design Approach

The challenge was to create a dream kitchen with countertop seating but with limited space for an island. The solution was a design innovation – an angled peninsula. This created enough room for seating, while not encroaching on the kitchen’s open floor plan.

Storage and Functionality

To maintain the farmhouse kitchen classic feel and streamline functionality, we implemented smart storage solutions like deep drawer organizers and pull-out trash bins. The cabinets, from Aristokraft’s Brellin collection, infused the place with a modern farmhouse charm.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design North Tonawanda NY

The Perfect Countertops

The countertops were a crucial element in this project. We opted for a Calacatta Laza White Quartz material which exudes a sense of elegance and complements the white cabinets. This choice helped us maintain a streamlined look while not compromising on durability or functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a modern farmhouse look? A modern farmhouse look is achieved by blending traditional farmhouse elements with modern design accents, such as white cabinets, wood accents, metal fixtures, and streamlined countertops.

What is the difference between farmhouse style and modern farmhouse? Traditional farmhouse style leans more towards rusticity, while modern farmhouse incorporates contemporary elements and finishes, offering a balance of comfort and sophistication.

What kind of furniture is in a modern farmhouse? Modern farmhouse furniture includes items that offer a blend of function and aesthetics. This can include reclaimed wood tables, white painted cabinets, industrial-style stools, and fixtures with clean lines.

What color is modern farmhouse? The color palette of a modern farmhouse is typically neutral, with a focus on white, beige, and gray, often offset by natural wood and metal accents.

What color cabinets are farmhouse style? Farmhouse style cabinets are usually painted in light colors, predominantly white, to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

How do you decorate a modern farmhouse? Decorating a modern farmhouse involves incorporating a mix of rustic and modern elements. Key features include neutral color palettes, natural materials, industrial-inspired accents, and vintage pieces.

About Kitchen Advantage Kitchen Design

Kitchen Advantage has been designing and supplying custom kitchen since 1992. Our professional designers have over 50 years combined design experience. Stop by our East Amherst, NY showroom or schedule an appointment today to see why so many in places like Lockport and Pendleton (Niagara County) prefer to shop for cabinets and countertops with us.

Timeless Charm: Traditional Kitchen Remodel In East Amherst, NY

Imagine the aromas of home-cooked meals wafting through the air, mingling with the joyful laughter of family and friends. Kitchen Advantage, a distinguished kitchen remodeler, was recently tasked with a fascinating traditional kitchen remodel project in East Amherst, NY. Our client, a residential homeowner, had a distinct vision for their kitchen: to evolve it into a classic traditional space that seamlessly blends timeless charm with modern amenities.

Kitchen Remodeling Project Overview

  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: East Amherst, NY (Erie County)
  • Client Goal(s) for Project: A full beautiful kitchen remodel
  • Designer: Kelly Bielat
  • Kitchen Style: Traditional
  • Specific Challenges: The client had a difficult time deciding on the desired layout and overall color/style selections. They desired more storage and countertop space near their refrigerator area
  • Solution: We were able to take space away from their existing powder bathroom to allow more cabinetry near their refrigerator. After a lot of time and not rushing things, the client was able to decide on colors and door style that best fit their home
  • Cabinet Details: Maple (perimeter) and Pecan (island), Framed construction, Raised Panel door style, Painted Pearl (perimeter) and Pika Stain (island) finish
  • Storage Solutions: drawer inserts, pull-out base cabinet storage, pull-out trash bins, roll-out shelves, spice storage, tray dividers
  • Countertop Details: Quartz material, Sterling Light color, Eased (straight) edge treatment
  • Products Used: Omega Lynnville Cabinetry , Vadara Sterling Light White Quartz

Traditional Kitchen Design Elements

The angled peninsula creates a natural flow within the kitchen, optimizing traffic patterns and maximizing efficiency. Whether used as additional counter space for meal preparation, casual dining, homework sessions or entertaining guests — its strategic positioning serves as a versatile hub that encourages social interaction.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel East Amherst NY

Cabinet Selection and Design

Given the client’s desire for a traditional aesthetic, we chose to install raised panel kitchen cabinets. The cabinetry, an exquisite combination of Maple and Pecan, exhibits a refined color palette that contributes to the kitchen’s overall charm. The selection of Omega Lynnville Cabinetry offered a classic touch to the design.

Countertop Selection and Detail

To complement the classic kitchen style, we used Vadara Sterling Light White Quartz countertops. This choice not only offers a stunning visual contrast against the cabinetry but also provides durability – an essential feature for a well-used kitchen. The Sterling Light color, paired with an eased edge treatment, seamlessly blends with the kitchen’s design elements.

Traditional Kitchen Remodel East Amherst NY

A Thoughtfully Organized Kitchen Interior

Achieving a balance between style and functionality often poses a challenge in a kitchen remodel. However, with careful planning and strategic storage solutions such as pull-out base cabinet storage, drawer inserts, and tray dividers, we created a highly organized kitchen interior. The result is a kitchen that is as practical as it is beautiful.

About Kitchen Advantage

This Traditional kitchen project in Erie County, NY represents the essence of Kitchen Advantage: our skilled professional kitchen designers, our commitment to quality and our ability to create a space that complements our clients’ lifestyle. We go above and beyond to ensure total satisfaction, providing timeless designs that turn houses into comfortable, lovable homes.

Stop by our East Amherst, NY showroom or schedule an appointment today to see why so many in Clarence Center, Harris Hill and Williamsville prefer to shop for cabinets and countertops with us.